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    Welcome to The Blue MUGs

    By Serena, 22/07/16

    The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group is a bunch of great people who meet to play ukulele together. Heard of The Blue MUGs? That's us. This is our space to share music, get organised and plan performances.

    We hold regular ukulele workshops, open mics, strums, jams and gigs in Lawson, Springwood, Blaxland, Leura, Penrith, Werrington and lots of other places too. Interested? Register here :-)

    Not a member? Check out The Blue MUGs at

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  • Events

    Open Mic @ The Henry

    Open Mic @ The Henry

    Tuesday March 20 2018, 7:30 PM
    @ Henry Sports Club, 144 Henry Lawson Avenue, Werrington
    Attendees: 13
    Open Mic at the Henry Lawson Club. Get a song or two together and get your name down. We love our first timers and solo performers. So come along and enjoy the...


    Wednesday March 21 2018, 11:00 AM
    @ Penrith Golf and Recreation Club, 1939 The Northern Road,...
    Attendees: 5
    Join us for a Casual Strum 2 hour strum at the rear of the club in the Alfresco Area.  All levels of playing welcome and we play out of The Big Book and Book 8.  If you have the...
    Easter Family Fun Night At Bunnings

    Easter Family Fun Night At Bunnings

    Thursday March 22 2018, 6:00 PM
    @ 26 Great Western Hwy, Valley Heights
    Attendees: 15
    Bunnings has invited the MUGs back to perform at their Easter Family Fun Night. Sausage sizzle, kids, tools, hardware and music, Yep, sounds like something we could do. We...
    Ukes By The River

    Ukes By The River

    Sunday March 25 2018, 2:30 PM
    @ Nepean Rowers Club, Bruce Neale Drive, Penrith
    Attendees: 16
    Ukes by the river, strumming by the shore, no need to say any more, but I could. Good food and a great atmosphere.
    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Wednesday March 28 2018, 7:30 PM
    @ The Lawson Bowling Club, 2 Loftus St, Lawson
    Attendees: 8
    What are you doing tonight? Come along to the Lawson Bowlo. Guest Presenters will be workshopping their favourites and introducing the new set-list songs too. If you are...
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    Easter Family Fun Night At Bunnings
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    Ukes By The River
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    "Thank you and very nice to meet you, Ann! I loved your music... nice harmony and uke strumming!"
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    "Lovely to meet you Hiromi. Loved your songs tonight too."
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    "Thank you for the event 3DS I had a wonderful evening."
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    Dean Newbold


    The Blue MUGs were proud to use the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival Sunday strum to help out Support Act 07/03/18 17:44, by Dean Newbold
    Steve Roberts

    March 2018 Set List

    March Set List with the new song - No Secrets from the Festival

    28/02/18 09:15, by Steve Roberts
    Yvonne Kuvener

    Beyondblue fundraiser timetable.. Springwood

    Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this but couldn't add photos in events comments.

    20/02/18 13:47, by Yvonne Kuvener
    Waveney Plevey

    Blue Mugs Name Badges

    Hi Mugs, If you would like a Blue Mugs name badge please see me at any event or leave a message here.  They are $2 each and will have them ready for you next time I see you.  It is so much...
    17/02/18 17:44, by Waveney Plevey


    Ten years ago ....

    Ten years ago today I nervously took my brand new ukulele over to Janice's house in Springwood to meet other ukulele enthusiasts who like me, were eagerly trying to work out what we were going...
    16/02/18 12:22, by Serena

    Steve Roberts

    February 2018 Set List

    Aloha All,

    Here is the February set, as it's our CD Launch those songs are in the set

    And as usual we have one new song

    Taking Care Of Business by BTO.

    13/02/18 09:44, by Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts

    Alx and some Air Time

    Aloha All,

    Alx and his wife Sara have landed and thrown in amongst his quick introduction to Sydney will be an interview with Chris Bath on ABC 702 this evening.

    So warm up your...
    08/02/18 06:21, by Steve Roberts

    Dean Newbold

    Media Release

    Hi MUGs! 

    I am doing some media for the festival, and working on the principle of "It's not what you know, but who you know.", I thought I would put up our media release so any well...
    03/02/18 20:36, by Dean Newbold

    Steve Roberts

    Thanks Bob!

    I wanted to give a shout out!

    Bob Grace has spent the last 2 1/2 hours testing and tagging all the MUGs equipment that we will be using at the Festival.

    Only one lead failed and...
    02/02/18 20:10, by Steve Roberts