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    Welcome to The Blue MUGs

    By Serena, 22/07/16

    The Blue Mountains Ukulele Group is a bunch of great people who meet to play ukulele together. Heard of The Blue MUGs? That's us. This is our space to share music, get organised and plan performances.

    We hold regular ukulele workshops, open mics, strums, jams and gigs in Lawson, Springwood, Blaxland, Leura, Penrith, Werrington and lots of other places too. Interested? Register here :-)

    Not a member? Check out The Blue MUGs at

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  • Events

    ANZAC Day @ the Henry Sports Club

    ANZAC Day @ the Henry Sports Club

    Tuesday April 25 2017, 5:00 PM
    @ 144 Henry Lawson Avenue, Werrington
    Attendees: 26
    The MUGs are doing an ANZAC Day gig at the Henry Sports Club. It's a big day and we will be there at the end of the day making music. See you there!
    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo

    Wednesday April 26 2017, 7:30 PM
    @ The Lawson Bowling Club, 2 Loftus St, Lawson
    Attendees: 6
    What are you doing tonight? Come along to the Lawson Bowlo. Guest Presenters will be workshopping their favourites and introducing the new set-list songs too. If you are...
    Ukes By the River

    Ukes By the River

    Sunday April 30 2017, 2:30 PM
    @ Nepean Rowers Club, Bruce Neale Drive, Penrith
    Attendees: 23
    Ukes by the river, no need to say any more, come along and be part of the fun. Good food and a great atmosphere.
    Werrington Strummers

    Werrington Strummers

    Tuesday May 2 2017, 10:00 AM
    @ Arthur Neave Memoiral Hall, Parkes Avenue, Werrington...
    Attendees: 5
    Casual Strum Ukulele event.  We meet the first Tuesday of each month, beginners welcome. Please bring your Ukulele & Ukulele Club Books plus your music stand. Please have 1...
    Cabaret Saturday @ the Arms.

    Cabaret Saturday @ the Arms.

    Saturday May 6 2017, 2:30 PM
    @ Australian Arms Hotel, Cnr Lawson & High Streets, Penrith
    Attendees: 7
    Come along and enjoy 'Cabaret Saturday' at the Arms. Strum with the MUGs as we set about having a ball and working on the set lists. Stay on for the new songs and great...
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    Steve Roberts

    The April 2017 Set List

    Aloha All,

    We have brought back a few favourites and added our new song for the month 'Karma Chameleon'.


    29/03/17 10:49, by Steve Roberts
    Waveney Plevey

    Thank you

    Thank you my friends for my birthday wishes on Friday. I had a lovely day. And speaking of birthdays. Happy Birthday to Steve R yesterday Jenny L on Saturday and Dennis E today. Lots of March...
    13/03/17 18:51, by Waveney Plevey
    Steve Roberts

    'My profile picture is not showing'

    Aloha All,

    We have had reports that the profile picture is not showing even though I pressed the attending button.

    Sometimes the website needs a few minutes to populate the...
    11/03/17 12:26, by Steve Roberts

    Yvonne Kuvener

    Winter Magic Festival, June 24, 2017

    Could you please confirm if the MUGs will be playing this year at Winter Magic. Also, if a venue has been allocated; hopefully better than last year's position...past the toilets, through the...
    24/02/17 13:15, by Yvonne Kuvener

    Narelle Adams2

    Ipad music stands - Aldi

    Aldi have the ipad music stands from Saturday
    23/02/17 07:23, by Narelle Adams2
    Narelle Adams2

    Jamboree Date for 2017


    What date is the Jamboree this year? we would like to go but will need to know when so we can book. Thank you

    22/02/17 15:49, by Narelle Adams2
    Steve Roberts

    March & the end of February set List



    20/02/17 15:13, by Steve Roberts

    Congratulations Blue MUGs!!!

    Well WOW that was a phenomenal festival!!! Not even record smashing heatwaves can stop the Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival.

    I know we've said it before but I want to extend a huge...
    12/02/17 21:43, by Serena
    Waveney Plevey

    2017 Festival Lapel Pin

    Pick up your 2017 Festival Lapel Pin for your hat or Uke Strap. A wonderful momento of our 8th Annual Festival.

    08/02/17 09:10, by Waveney Plevey
    Steve Roberts

    Festival Stage Equipment Details

    Aloha All,

    Having a plan will get you on and off stage quicker allowing you to use your stage time for playing music.

    Just a quick note as to what equipment is available on each...
    05/02/17 10:18, by Steve Roberts

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    "Happy Birthday to this lovely lady. We hope you have a terrific day Bev. Best wishes to you."
    Ralph Stacey
    @ralph-stacey • 6 hours ago • comments: 9
    Posted a new Comment on ANZAC Day @ the Henry Sports Club:
    "Hello everyone. Sorry can't make this one today as I'm battling bronchitis and only just improving after our trip to the Stone The Crows Festival in Wagga...."
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    Ukes By the River
    Jenny Lowe
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    "Not gonna make it to this one - Tuesday is Grandparenting Day for us - I've missed too many with my dodgy knee but I returned to duty last week - it's gonna..."
    Narelle Adams2
    @narelle-adams2 • 9 hours ago • comments: 9
    Posted a new Comment on ANZAC Day @ the Henry Sports Club:
    "Is this the same set list as for April or are we doing war songs/Aussie songs"
    Steve Roberts
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    "No worries Jo, see you when you get there."
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    "Not sure if I can get there on time."
    John Hodson
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    Posted a new Comment on ANZAC Day @ the Henry Sports Club:
    "Lynne and I are both aiming to get there."
    Miriam Gravino
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    Posted a new Comment on Workshopping At The Lawson Bowlo:
    Renee wright
    @renee-wright • 4 days ago
    Renee's first gig next week with blue mugs
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